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In the style of / Chiltern 100

Viewing of Chiltern 100 - the top entries from last years competition by the CACC
 Images in the style of
Create photographs inspired by, influenced by or with echoes of the work of other artists and photographers.
You can reference their style , or a specific piece, which may be photographic, painterly or illustrative.  Or you can recreate a classic work with your own twist, an homage to the artist.
You can produce new photos, or if something in your archive was inspired by someone, you can show that too.
This is not a competition, and there is no judge, so feel free to use your images again in later weeks.  It is a projected night, but if you have prints already, feel free to bring those.  Otherwise, please email them to Mike in the usual format, or bring them along on a stick on the night.  If the work or artist you are citing is not well known, it would be useful if you could also bring some examples of their work for comparison.
And if you would like to say a few words about your piece and how your were inspired, that would be great.
Have fun creating your masterpieces!