Ealing Photographic Society was founded in 1890, making it one of the oldest surviving Photographic Societies in the World.

Its members have continued to meet throughout both of the World Wars, Society Minutes show that during WW2 bombing they still tried to meet at individuals homes whilst a significant number of members were away fighting.

In the early 1970's, a neighbouring society called Hammersmith Hampshire House, (Hampshire House was the name of the building in which they met) merged with the original Ealing Photographic Society. The club adjusted its name to take the merge into account.

Today, the EHHPS is West London's most ambitious and forward thinking photographic society, with a youthful, vibrant and sociable membership. There is a full programme of meetings throughout the year with an interesting variety of events for the members.

The society boasts a wide range of photographic techniques. Some photographers work traditionally with negatives, slides, paper and chemicals in the darkroom, while many now are using digital cameras and imaging techniques - all willing to share their knowledge!

The Society was awarded a grant to enable us to provide a modern digitally oriented programme of interactive seminars, lectures and education evenings.

The Society is open to all. To gain maximum benefit from our syllabus we recommend joining the Society and taking part in the full range of activities.