Ron Wake Trophy Competition: Urgent call for Entries

EHHPS External Competitions Secretary Amanda Wright needs your proposed entries for the Ron Wake competition. She needs titles ideally by Monday 13th May, and with a hard deadline for submission by 17th May. Amanda needs seven ‘Virgin’ prints, never used in an external competition before (only one per author may be entered).

If you have prints for consideration, please bring them along to the next Club meeting (9th or 16th May).

More information on the Ron Wake Trophy competition - won last year by EHHPS's Shaun Hodge - on the Harrow CC website.

Photographer Sean Tucker at Northfields Camera Club on May 21st

Northfields Camera Club have invited EHHPS members to their club talk by Sean Tucker: on Tuesday 21st May.

Sean is an inspirational photographer who is strongly focused on telling the stories of people and the places where we live and work.  Sean says that he is 'more interested in the why of photography rather than the how' and he has a distinctive voice on the creative process.

We are thrilled to have him come over to Ealing and we’re looking forward to an engaging and enjoyable evening, with lots of great photos!”

Sean will be at Northfields Camera Club, Tues 21st May at 8pm 

Northfields Community Centre,
Northcroft Road,
W13 9SS. 

Buy tickets on Eventbrite

The online price is £12, there is a special price for EHHPS members of £10!

Amanda Wright wins EHHPS Panel of Prints 2019

Image credit: Phil Dean

Image credit: Phil Dean


Judge Steve Galvin presents Amanda Wright with the Panel of Prints trophy.

The standard of entry in the 2019 EHHPS Panel of Prints was praised by judge Steve Galvin.

Congratulations to Amanda Wright whose ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) panel took first place.

Other results:

Second: Paul Mason - Alex Retro
Third: Raj - Gold Nugget
Highly Commended: Shaun Hodge - The Dance
Highly Commended: Kristin Mason - Violese
Commended: Rick Beresford - Thermal Pools
Commended: Dennis Durack - Nature’s Pattern

CACC Championship Day: Amanda's Report

External Competitions Secretary Amanda Wright reports on the recent CACC Championship Day at Amersham:

Sunday 17th March was Championship Day held in Amersham and judged this year by Daphne Hanson DPAGB APAGB and President of EAF, Leo Rich ARPS DPAGB Hon PAGB EFIAP/g and Ken Scott ARPS both of whom are from SCF.

Fifteen clubs entered both the Print Championship and the PDI Championship resulting in 225 images in each category. Once again what the judges were actually looking for mystified many of us and this year was particularly unusual in that there was only one 15 awarded across the whole competition with the highest score being 13 in the Print Section. They fairly frequently went down to scores of 6 and 7 which is also quite unusual and something I think is a good thing as it gives a broader spectrum of marks, but only if you use the full range. Scores are out of 15 with each judge able to score between 1-5

The winners in the Print Championship were

Amersham with 176
2nd were Field End with 164
3rd were Wycombe with 162

EHHPS came a disappointing 8th with 148

EHHPS top scorers were:
Shaun Hodge with Neon Cheeks 12 and Gazing 11
Ania Taylor with Dreamy Pastels 11
8’s 9’s and 10’s bar those

In the PDI Championship we scored slightly higher 155 but came 9th, however, on this occasion we were only 10 points behind the winners as the scores were much closer. The highest score in the competition was 14.

The winners were XRR with 165
2nd Harrow with 164
and joint 3rd were Amersham and New City with 162

Our high scorers were Karen Helle with Miss Marlene 13
Shaun Hodge with Lilac Breasted Roller 12
John Clare with Sea, Sand and Shadows i 12
7, 9, 10 and 11 bar those

In the Chilterns 100 our top scorer was Shaun Hodge with It’s A Wrap 12
Kristin Mason’s Thinly Veiled, Ania Taylor’s Not So Still Still Life and Phil Dean’s Cafe Chef all scored 11
9’s and 10’s bar those

The winning image was Marcel Hug At The World Championships by Peter Milsom, another of his excellent wheelchair race in the rain shots which scored the only 15 of the day.

This year I obviously had a blonde moment and omitted two images so huge apologies to Rick Beresford with Some Geyser and John Clare with Sea, Sand and Shadows, apologies also should go to Jane Arnold-Foster for not making it clear that the single image must be chosen by the author in this competition, she also missed out as a result, sorry guys.

Let’s hope for better luck next year!

(Amanda Wright)

Detailed results are available on the CACC website

Chiltern Images Print Exhibition 2019: Entry Closes 31 March

Image Credit: John Timbrell

Image Credit: John Timbrell

This annual event is organised by ImageZ Camera Club and is open for any member of a camera club affiliated to the Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs (CACC). The selected prints will be displayed in the exhibition at Queens Park Art Centre between the 6th and 17th of May, and also on the Imagez website.

More information on the Imagez website, including Web Entry, Rules, and Print Delivery.


NWFed Final: John Clare Drone image soars to further success

At the NWFed Final at Amersham (Saturday 23 February), chaired by EHHPS’s Amanda Wright, Harrow narrowly beat Field end by 1.5 points. Full scores here.

But there was glory for EHHPS in the ‘Starred’ images competition, where John Clare’s Sea Sand and Shadows took first place in the Projected section. In all, EHHPS had 8 images in the Starred competition, as previewed in this news story.

Rosebowl Round 3 Result: A Close Run Thing

The third round of the CACC Rosebowl took place at Stokenchurch on Monday (18 Feb), with EHHPS facing Leighton Buzzard, Stokenchurch and Wycombe. The Judge was Allan Thompson.

(Information and full scoresheets, courtesy of external Competitions Secretary Amanda Wright)

The final scores were very close, with EHHPS coming only one point behind the joint winners:

EHHPS 271 points (3rd)
Leighton Buzzard 272 points (1st =)
Stokenchurch 250 points (4th)
Wycombe 272 points (1st=)

EHHPS high scorers were:

The Fan by Shaun Hodge 20
Power by Paul Mason 20
Red Burst by Kristin Mason 19
Missy Marlene by Karen Helle 19
Portugese Parasols by John Clare 20
Going Gaga by Shaun Hodge 19

Qualification for the Final will not be confirmed until all third round results are in, but it looks most unlikely that EHHPS will make the top 12 - those results will appear here.

Update 2019-03-04: As was likely to be the case, we did not make the next round - full results via the link above.

Full Scoresheets:


All Wright on the Night

EHHPS External Competition Secretary Amanda Wright made it a clean sweep for the first Internal competition of the year, taking first place in both the Dell (Black and White) and Pietruski (Colour) competitions last night (7 February).

There was a very good entry, of a high standard, and excellent judging from Jay Charnock. Full results were:

Dell (Black & White):

1st Lines and Curves by Amanda Wright

2nd (Keeping it) Under her Hat by Paul Mason

3rd Beneath the Brim by Kristin Mason


Whoosh by Ania Taylor

Café Chef by Phil Dean

Lines and Curves  by Amanda Wright - Winner of the Dell Trophy

Lines and Curves by Amanda Wright - Winner of the Dell Trophy

Pietruski (Colour)

1st Compton Bay by Amanda Wright

2nd Oriental Silk by Kristin Mason

3rd Play by Arun Misra


Poppies by Ania Taylor

Triumph of Time by Arun Misra

In the Shade by Paul Mason

Compton Bay  by Amanda Wright - Winner of the Pietruski Trophy

Compton Bay by Amanda Wright - Winner of the Pietruski Trophy

EHHPS Feature in the 'Stars' Competition at NWFed Final

The NWFed Final, between Field End and Harrow, takes place on Saturday 23rd February at Amersham. Although EHHPS were knocked out in the Semis, we feature in the competitions for ‘Starred’ imaged from the first round, with eight images - more than any other club. Details of the event here, and all of the starred images listed below:

Click the image above for a larger version

Click the image above for a larger version

NWFed Semi Final: Result

External Competitions Secretary Amanda Wright reports:

EHHPS met Field End in the first NWFed Semi-Final, held at Harrow Camera Club on Tuesday, with EHHPS members Paul, Brian, Dennis and Emmanuel defying the inclement weather to join Amanda for the event.

The Judge for the evening was Mark Buckley-Sharp.

The PDI section ended in a draw, with both clubs scoring 162. Ealing’s top scorers were The Fan by Shaun Hodge and Missy Marlene by Karen Helle, both securing the only two 20’s permitted in this competition. Other EHHPS  top scorers were Night Watchman by Emmanuel and Clematis by Ania Taylor, both scoring 19.

Sadly the Print section which preceded was another story, with the total scores being 155 to Ealing and 164.5 to Field End. EHHPS top score was 19 which was awarded to Ania Taylor for Dreamy Pastels and we had three 18’s which were I know, I know and Mauricia by Paul Mason and Poppies by Ania Taylor.

So the dream of a place in the final was not to be,  but at least EHHPS made it to the Semi-Final this year - something we haven’t achieved for some time.

Field End go through to the final and will battle against either Harrow or Wycombe who have their Semi-Final on Thursday at Watford.

Rosebowl Round Two: EHHPS Come First

EHHPS fortunes in the Rosebowl improved greatly as we topped our group in Round Two:
(Information from External Competitions Secretary Amanda Wright)

Round Two of the CACC Rosebowl competition took place on Tuesday 15th January. EHHPS faced Chesham, Marlow and Stoke Poges, in a match hosted by Chesham.

Scores were:

Chesham 262
Marlow 247
Stoke Poges 245

Top scorers for EHHPS were:

Power by Paul Mason 20
Red Burst by Kristin Mason 19
Night Watchman by Emmanuel 19
Sea, Sun and Shadows by John Clare 18
Mauricia by Paul Mason 18
Portugese Parasols by John Clare 18

The Judge was Alan Colgrave

Full Scoresheets

Page 1
Page 2

Current standings and Fixtures

Further Success for John Clare in Externals

John Clare’s drone image Sea, Sand and Shadows which as previously reported in EHHPS News won the Daily Telegraph’s Weekly Big Picture Competition, was further featured in their ‘Best of the Big Picture’ end of year pull-together.

The same image was also featured as a Finalist in the 2018 Shoot the Frame competition. Earlier in the year, another of John’s images Bordeaux was a finalist in the Monthly version of the same competition:



NWFed: EHHPS Top the Group and progress to the Semi Finals

EHHPS hosted the third match (A3) of the group stage of the North West Fed on Thursday December 6th. Competing were Chesham PC, Northolt and District PS and EHHPS.


Chesham PC: Print 90, Projected 91, Total 181

Northolt & District PS: Print 86, Projected 92, Total 178

EHHPS: Print 95, Projected 94, Total 189

EHHPS high scorers were:


Auburn Glow Dennis Durack 20
Old Marsh Bridge Amanda Wright 20*


The Fan Shaun Hodge 20*

Night Watchman Emmanuel 20*

The Judge was Les Spitz ARPS.

Overall results for round One:

P: Print, D: Digital Projected

P: Print, D: Digital Projected