Ron Wake Memorial Trophy heads to Watford

The final of the Ron Wake Memorial Trophy opened Harrow Camera Club’s season on Tuesday evening (3rd September). The winning image was “This is Me”, as six shot composite by Charlotte Dwyer of Watford CC.

Before turning his attention to the final, judge Kevin Day gave a fascinating talk on a documentary shoot he had undertaken, following a group of aid workers helping refugees in Greece.

Kevin’s judging was, as ever, entertaining and perceptive. Although EHHPS’s Shaun Hodge won last year’s competition, this time EHHPS had only a single image, Amanda Wright’s I Like this Blue which made it through to the final twenty. I found myself wondering if Kevin had judged the selection round, whether perhaps we may have seen more of our work in the final.

Paul Mason

Invitations from Harpenden PS

EHHPS Secretary Jenny Fenton has received invitations from Harpenden PS for three paid events from prominent speakers at their Club:

Guy Edwards who is a professional landscape, wildlife and travel photographer – Tuesday 3rd Sept.

Martin Evening who is an acknowledged expert on Photoshop – Tuesday 17th Sept.

Damien Demolder who is a well known street photographer – Tuesday 5th Nov.

Please note these are all ‘private’ events and are only open to paid-up members of HPS or those with tickets bought through Eventbrite.

There will be 20 tickets available for each speaker at £12 each on a first come first served basis. The tickets can only be purchased through Eventbrite by clicking on the linked names above.

All three events start at 8.00pm for 2 hours and will be held at:

The Harpenden Trust Centre
90 Southdown Rd

There is parking on the road or close by

Ealing BEAT: Opening Night Party

Exhibitions Secretary Jane Arnold-Forster writes:

‘EHHPS is participating, for the first time as a Club, in Ealing BEAT (The Borough of Ealing Art Trail) this year, with our exhibition located in the bar of The Questors Theatre. To encourage as many of you, and your friends, to come along we will have a small drinks party on Friday 6th September, in the bar at The Questors. Do come along and support our exhibition’

More information, and opening times on the BEAT website

The Events Page of this website also carries the full calendar of EHHPS participation.

PAGB e-News


Amanda Wright reminds members that the PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain), of which our Federation the CACC (Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs) is a member, regularly publishes an interesting electronic magazine called PABG e-News.

You can find an archive of issues here or sign up to receive regular issues direct to your inbox using this link.

Issue 233 extra includes coverage of the recent InterFed competitions.

PAGB InterFed Competition 2019: Amanda Wright's report for the CACC

The PAGB Inter-Federation was hosted by Midland Counties Photographic Federation in Burton On Trent Saturday 15th June 2019 attended by all 15 UK Federations and judged by 


Judith Parry DPAGB, HonPAGB, AFIAP

David Gibbons ARPS, APAGB, EFIAP/b, BPE5

Federations are permitted to enter up to 30 images in each of the four categories and the top 15 scores from each are selected for the results.

Sadly things did not go well for CACC. We started the day at 10.00 am with the Open Mono Print section with 426 images entered. There were 8 top scores of 15 awarded across the whole competition which was won by Midland Counties PF. 

The CACC came 14th with a top score of 13 of which we attained 5 

Somewhere Out There by Brian Gough, Amersham

Way Out by Don Lanstone LRPS EFIAP, Amersham

Lonely As A Cloud by David Harris CPAGB, Wycombe

The Caretaker by Brian Gough, Amersham

Midnight Deadline by Peter Wilson, Harpenden

In the Open Colour Print Section 435 prints were entered. There were 21 15’s awarded, 11 of which were Nature and was won by N&EMPF. Scores were notably higher in this round, I believe there were 77 14’s awarded and far less broad a range overall.

The CACC moved up the leader board in this event by 1 place to come 13th with a top score of 14

Mountain Hare in Winter Sun by Julie Mullings DPAGB, Amersham

Ratcatcher by Nigel Cox, Amersham

We had 9 13’s

Making Tracks by David Harris CPAGB, Wycombe

Selfie Time by Justin Grant, Field End

European Rollers Pair Bonding by Mike Walker, Field End

Artists Muse by Dominic Beaven, Field End

Knock Out by Dominic Beaven, Field End

Washing Before Prayer by Peter Jones, Amersham

Bald Eagle Walking On Snow by Julia Wainwright ARPS, DPAGB, Harrow

The Dealer by Lloyd Moore BPE1, Watford

Just The Two Of Us by Peter Stevens DPAGB, ARPS, AFIAP, Harpenden

In the Nature Digital Section the CACC somewhat improved on the leaderboard coming 9th. There were 20 15’s awarded across the competition and the winners were L&CPU.

The CACC managed to achieve 3 14’s and 15 13’s

The 14’s were

 Paddyfield Warbler by Paul Day, Wycombe

Side by Side Bee Eaters by Val Walker ARPS, Field End

Dancing Cranes by Peter Whitehead BPE1*, Harpenden

13’s were

Marbled White on Due Laden Grass by Paul Burwood LRPS, Field End

Three Harvest Mice by Carrie Eva CPAGB, Amersham

Call of The wild by Julia Wainwright ARPS DPAGB, Harrow

One Last Breath by Julia Wainwright ARPS DPAGB, Harrow

Spring Pasque Flower by Dave Martin ARPS DPAGB, Harrow

Leap Of Faith by Ivor Porter, Oxford

Glanville Fritillary by Andy Sands, XRR

Mating Adonis Blue by Andy Sands, XRR

Life’s A Struggle by Nigel Cox, Amersham

Bathtime by Chenxi Ni, Imagez

Roller With Frog by Mike Walker, Field End

Grizzly in Snowy Forest by Joy Rawlins, Kidlington

Squabbling Bald Eagles by Julia Wainwright ARPS DPAGB, Harrow

Bearded Reedling Balancing by Terri Adcock LRPS BPE1*, Watford

Red Legged Partridge Running In Snow by Andy Sands XRR

In the Open Digital Section the CACC slipped back down the board coming12th there were 16 15’s awarded and it was won by L&CPU again.

The CACC achieved a top score of 14

Godafoss In Winter by David Harris CPAGB, Wycombe

and 8 13’s

River Of Light by Kathy Chantler, Imagez

Sea, Sand and Shadows by John Clare, EHHPS

Portuguese Parasols by John Clare, EHHPS

Red Burst by Kristin Mason EHHPS

Sunrise Over Rolling Hills by Alan Graham, Harrow

No Messing by Steve Beckett, Imagez

Two Faced by Kathy Chantler, Imagez

Pearl by Bill Cooper XRR

Congratulations and many thanks to all those who entered and especially those mentioned here. The standard is always extremely high as you would expect from a National Competition the PAGB is comprised of approximately 1000 affiliated member clubs with about 40,000 individual members so well done all.

Amanda Wright

Amanda’s Scoresheets:

Open Colour Print
Open Mono Print
Open Digital
Nature Digital

More details of the competition may be found on the PAGB website.

Monthly Aggregate Competition 2018-19: Results and Trophies

At the EHHPS AGM on June 13th the winners of the Monthly Aggregate competitions were announced, and trophies presented by EHHPS President Phil Dean.

Photography: Burgess Taylor

Scoring: Emmanuel

Projected Competition

Set Subject

First: Kristin Mason (accepted in her absence by Paul)
Second: Paul Mason
Third: Irena Farrell


First: Barbara Dorrell
Second: John Clare
Third: Ed Farrell


First: Shaun Hodge
Second = Martin Creedy
Second = Paul Mason

Print Competition

Set Subject

First: Rajan Adhikari
Second = Paul Mason
Second = Dennis Durack


First: Amanda Wright
Second:  Emmanuel
Third = Rick Beresford
Third = Dennis Durack


First: Shaun Hodge
Second: Paul Mason
Third: Kristin Mason

Switch Trophy

The Switch trophy is awarded to a member of the club who is not on the committee, but who is recognised as having gone above and beyond in supporting the club. It is voted on by the three previous winners of the award. This year, they decided to give the prize to David Bowater, who keeps us (and the judges) fed and watered at every meeting. Well done, and many thanks, David!


Ron Wake Selection: Amanda Wright reports

Amanda Wright was at last night’s ‘Ron Wake’ at Harrow Camera Club. This is her report:

The Ron Wake was held last night (28th May) at Harrow Camera club judged by Roger Reynolds FRPS APAGB FBPE attended by myself. In this 'all new prints’ competition each club enters 7 prints from 7 different authors and none of the images can have been used outside their club in any external CACC competition. The judge is asked to comment on each image in turn and then select his top 20 from the 49 without scoring or giving a preference. It’s always a very nail biting moment and often images get swapped in and out at the last minute, as was the case last night.

The total numbers chosen from each club were as follows

Watford 5
Harrow 5
Field End 3
Pinner 3
Northolt 2

The very last image of the 20 selected was an EHHPS print

I Like This Blue by Amanda Wright

Up until the final moments I thought we weren’t going to get anything in at all as he continued to walk past all of our images.

Roger is very much a nature lover, much travelled and a knowledgable bird man, however, on this occasion his choices were very mixed. He was particularly sensitive to light areas (however small) within an image and also where images were dark he wanted them brightened. He didn’t seem too fond of abstracts and more than once mentioned that images were too big within the frame, he wanted more space around the subject. His other pet hate seemed to be colour casts in both colour and black and white images and often commented on mounts being too small and the prints being too big, much preferring a smaller image in a big mount and the wrong choice of colour mount being used was mentioned once or twice also.

The Final of the competition is held Sept/October in conjunction with Harrow’s annual Exhibition where a different judge will be critiquing the 20 images and choosing his or her overall Ron Wake winner.

Sixteen EHHPS images in the PAGB Inter-Fed

The CACC has chosen sixteen images from EHHPS to represent our federation in next month’s PAGB Inter-Federation Competitions.

The 16 images are:

Portuguese Parasols by John Clare ( PDI Open)
Red Burst by Kristin Mason (PDI Open)
Sea Sand and Shadows by John Clare (PDI Open)
Hiding by Shaun Hodge (Nature PDI)
Alex by Shaun Hodge (Open Print)
Neon Cheeks by Shaun Hodge (Open Print)
Going Gaga by Shaun Hodge (Mono Print)
Thumbs Up by Dennis Durack (Mono Print)
Under Her Hat by Paul Mason (Mono Print)
It’s A Wrap by Shaun Hodge (Mono Print)
A Final Lace Up by Shaun Hodge (Mono Print)
Bathtub Burlesque By Paul Mason (Mono Print)
I Wonder by Paul Mason (Mono Print)
The Long Walk by Jenny Fenton (Mono Print)
Dizzy On The Stairs by Amanda Wright (Mono Print)
Silver Birches by Amanda Wright (Mono Print)

Competition day is Saturday June 15 in Burton on Trent - do come along and support your Club and Federation. Details were given in this News Item

Ron Wake Trophy Competition: Urgent call for Entries

EHHPS External Competitions Secretary Amanda Wright needs your proposed entries for the Ron Wake competition. She needs titles ideally by Monday 13th May, and with a hard deadline for submission by 17th May. Amanda needs seven ‘Virgin’ prints, never used in an external competition before (only one per author may be entered).

If you have prints for consideration, please bring them along to the next Club meeting (9th or 16th May).

More information on the Ron Wake Trophy competition - won last year by EHHPS's Shaun Hodge - on the Harrow CC website.

Photographer Sean Tucker at Northfields Camera Club on May 21st

Northfields Camera Club have invited EHHPS members to their club talk by Sean Tucker: on Tuesday 21st May.

Sean is an inspirational photographer who is strongly focused on telling the stories of people and the places where we live and work.  Sean says that he is 'more interested in the why of photography rather than the how' and he has a distinctive voice on the creative process.

We are thrilled to have him come over to Ealing and we’re looking forward to an engaging and enjoyable evening, with lots of great photos!”

Sean will be at Northfields Camera Club, Tues 21st May at 8pm 

Northfields Community Centre,
Northcroft Road,
W13 9SS. 

Buy tickets on Eventbrite

The online price is £12, there is a special price for EHHPS members of £10!

Amanda Wright wins EHHPS Panel of Prints 2019

Image credit: Phil Dean

Image credit: Phil Dean


Judge Steve Galvin presents Amanda Wright with the Panel of Prints trophy.

The standard of entry in the 2019 EHHPS Panel of Prints was praised by judge Steve Galvin.

Congratulations to Amanda Wright whose ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) panel took first place.

Other results:

Second: Paul Mason - Alex Retro
Third: Raj - Gold Nugget
Highly Commended: Shaun Hodge - The Dance
Highly Commended: Kristin Mason - Violese
Commended: Rick Beresford - Thermal Pools
Commended: Dennis Durack - Nature’s Pattern

CACC Championship Day: Amanda's Report

External Competitions Secretary Amanda Wright reports on the recent CACC Championship Day at Amersham:

Sunday 17th March was Championship Day held in Amersham and judged this year by Daphne Hanson DPAGB APAGB and President of EAF, Leo Rich ARPS DPAGB Hon PAGB EFIAP/g and Ken Scott ARPS both of whom are from SCF.

Fifteen clubs entered both the Print Championship and the PDI Championship resulting in 225 images in each category. Once again what the judges were actually looking for mystified many of us and this year was particularly unusual in that there was only one 15 awarded across the whole competition with the highest score being 13 in the Print Section. They fairly frequently went down to scores of 6 and 7 which is also quite unusual and something I think is a good thing as it gives a broader spectrum of marks, but only if you use the full range. Scores are out of 15 with each judge able to score between 1-5

The winners in the Print Championship were

Amersham with 176
2nd were Field End with 164
3rd were Wycombe with 162

EHHPS came a disappointing 8th with 148

EHHPS top scorers were:
Shaun Hodge with Neon Cheeks 12 and Gazing 11
Ania Taylor with Dreamy Pastels 11
8’s 9’s and 10’s bar those

In the PDI Championship we scored slightly higher 155 but came 9th, however, on this occasion we were only 10 points behind the winners as the scores were much closer. The highest score in the competition was 14.

The winners were XRR with 165
2nd Harrow with 164
and joint 3rd were Amersham and New City with 162

Our high scorers were Karen Helle with Miss Marlene 13
Shaun Hodge with Lilac Breasted Roller 12
John Clare with Sea, Sand and Shadows i 12
7, 9, 10 and 11 bar those

In the Chilterns 100 our top scorer was Shaun Hodge with It’s A Wrap 12
Kristin Mason’s Thinly Veiled, Ania Taylor’s Not So Still Still Life and Phil Dean’s Cafe Chef all scored 11
9’s and 10’s bar those

The winning image was Marcel Hug At The World Championships by Peter Milsom, another of his excellent wheelchair race in the rain shots which scored the only 15 of the day.

This year I obviously had a blonde moment and omitted two images so huge apologies to Rick Beresford with Some Geyser and John Clare with Sea, Sand and Shadows, apologies also should go to Jane Arnold-Foster for not making it clear that the single image must be chosen by the author in this competition, she also missed out as a result, sorry guys.

Let’s hope for better luck next year!

(Amanda Wright)

Detailed results are available on the CACC website

Chiltern Images Print Exhibition 2019: Entry Closes 31 March

Image Credit: John Timbrell

Image Credit: John Timbrell

This annual event is organised by ImageZ Camera Club and is open for any member of a camera club affiliated to the Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs (CACC). The selected prints will be displayed in the exhibition at Queens Park Art Centre between the 6th and 17th of May, and also on the Imagez website.

More information on the Imagez website, including Web Entry, Rules, and Print Delivery.


NWFed Final: John Clare Drone image soars to further success

At the NWFed Final at Amersham (Saturday 23 February), chaired by EHHPS’s Amanda Wright, Harrow narrowly beat Field end by 1.5 points. Full scores here.

But there was glory for EHHPS in the ‘Starred’ images competition, where John Clare’s Sea Sand and Shadows took first place in the Projected section. In all, EHHPS had 8 images in the Starred competition, as previewed in this news story.