Success for Ealing in NWFed 2014

A win in the opening round

The Federation of North-West London Camera Clubs has twelve member
clubs and runs an annual competition. The competition is divided into 4
pools of three clubs, drawn randomly each year, and there are 3 rounds
between the three clubs in each pool. Each club enters 5 (or 6 in the
first round) prints and 5 (or 6 in the first round) projected images
into each round, totalling 16 prints and 16 PDIs in all. Images are
marked out of 20, and the judge awards 'stars' to 2 prints and 2 PDIs
in each round. The starred images go forward to Best Print and Best PDI
competitions at the NWFed Finals, even if the club doesn't reach the
finals. Total scores for each club in each round are added together to
determine the overall winner. The winners of each of the 4 pools go
forward to a semi-final in January, in which 9 prints and 9 PDIs from
the original 16 are entered. The winners of the semi-finals then meet
in the Final in February.

This year we will be competing against
Watford CC and Northolt & District CC.
On the 20th of November EHHPS
hosted the opening round of the NWFED, judged by Barbara Lydiatt. She
gave out 9 20's on the night, 6 of which were given to EHHPS and 4
19's, 2 of which were given to EHHPS. 

Congratulations to Karen Helle
"Mariposa" 20, "Powder" 20 and a star. 
Shaun Hodge "Unguarded" 20, 
Rhapsody in Blue" 20 and a star. 
Prashant Meswani "A Precarious Perch" 
20 and a star.
Mike Lloyd "Harlequin" 20. 

EHHPS: PDI - 111
Prints- 115
Watford: PDI-103 Prints -108
Northolt & District : PDI-99
We had a great start winning with 226, Watford 211 and
Northolt & District 199

A stunning evening of photography that was
enjoyed by all present. Many thanks to the visitors who made the trip
to EHHPS for this round