EHHPS Trip to Highcliffe and Infinity

Amanda Wright penned:

On Wednesday May 4th. Kris and Paul Mason, Phil Dean and myself trundled down to the New Forest for our Annual Highcliffe jaunt. We headed straight to the New Forest taking snaps of the scenery and ponies of course, had a fab pub lunch, more snaps then headed to H & I. The judge this year was Mike Burbeck an RPS judge from Somerset. His vocabulary was varied and comments were mostly accurate, even if he did miss the point on the more creative images. It was a close run thing but EHHPS finally won the day by 1.5 points! Our top scorers in print were Paul Mason with 'Form' and 'Statuesque' by Shaun Hodge both scoring 10 (top marks) Karen Helle with 'Searching For Heathcliff' and Shaun Hodge's 'Cape Vulture' both scored 9.5.
In PDI's 'Pink Dahlia' by Ania Taylor and 'Savannah Elephant' by Amanda Hodge both scored 10 with 'Musing' by Kristin Mason and 'High Flyer' by Shaun Hodge scoring 9.5
Congratulations and big thanks guys!