EHHPS Exhibition at Questors Theatre

The next EHHPS exhibition of prints will be in the ‘Grapevine’ bar of Questors Theatre in Mattock Lane, Ealing from the 2nd to the 22nd of June.

We estimate there will be space for around 24 prints provided we optimise the mix of portrait and landscape formats so, depending on demand, the opportunity is likely to be limited to one or two prints per member.  Hanging will take place during the day on Thursday 2nd June. On this occasion the framed prints will be hung by wire/cord from the picture rail so frames should have suitable mounting eyes.

The theatre is happy that we attach suitable ‘For Sale’ labels, and also place a sales list on the nearby noticeboard.

Clearly time is short to organise our selection of images. Please contact Amanda Wright via email or phone (07740 303730) with any queries on hanging.  Amanda will also co-ordinate requests for space  - please provide her with titles and pricing for your images.