NWFed: EHHPS Top the Group and progress to the Semi Finals

EHHPS hosted the third match (A3) of the group stage of the North West Fed on Thursday December 6th. Competing were Chesham PC, Northolt and District PS and EHHPS.


Chesham PC: Print 90, Projected 91, Total 181

Northolt & District PS: Print 86, Projected 92, Total 178

EHHPS: Print 95, Projected 94, Total 189

EHHPS high scorers were:


Auburn Glow Dennis Durack 20
Old Marsh Bridge Amanda Wright 20*


The Fan Shaun Hodge 20*

Night Watchman Emmanuel 20*

The Judge was Les Spitz ARPS.

Overall results for round One:

P: Print, D: Digital Projected

P: Print, D: Digital Projected