NWFed First Round Result

Amanda Wright reports on Thursday’s (October 3rd) opener against Hemel and Amersham:

Thursday night saw the External Competitions new season kick off at The Brentham Club when EHHPS played host to Amersham and Hemel Hempstead PS judged by Paul Burwood LRPS.

As usual some of the scores raised a few eyebrows but his comments were generally fair, the standard was unsurprisingly pretty high and the rounds were surprisingly close.

Print Scores

Hemel 107
Ealing 109
Amersham 112

There were four 20’s awarded:

Black Mount by Dennis Durack (EHHPS)
Skateboard Action by Jim Turner (Hemel) also a Star
Morning Wait by Felicity Holden (Amersham) also a Star
Tackling Jamie George by Julie Mullings

EHHPS entries scoring 19 in the Print section were:

Try To See It My Way by Sally Mason
The Wasp by Shaun Hodge

PDI Scores

Hemel 99
Ealing 107
Amersham 111

There were three 20’s awarded

Blue Umbrella In The Rain by James McCracken (Hemel) also a Star
Broadgate Staircases by Andrew Bungard (Amersham) also a Star
The Aviator by Brian Gough (Amersham)

EHHPS entries scoring 19 in the PDI section were:

The Lookout by Shaun Hodge
Beach Hut by Paul Mason
Now We Are 3 by John Clare

So to summarise round one

Amersham came 1st with 223
EHHPS 2nd with 216
Hemel were 3rd with 206

We still have a chance!!!

The next Group ‘A’ match is on October 21st at Hemel