Panel of prints competition rules

The idea of a panel of prints is to submit a set of images with a common theme, link or story.

  1. The panel will be judged and assessed as a whole not as individual prints. A panel can be a minimum of 3 prints and a maximum of 6 prints.

  2. Therefore a submission can consist of 3 prints, 4 prints, 5 prints or 6 prints or can be two separate panels of 3 prints.

  3. As we are often short of space for this particular competition individual images should be mounted on boards no larger than 40cm x 50cm. If several images are submitted on one board it is recommended that individual prints should be a minimum of 20cm (8 inches) along one side.

Additional Rules

  1. Only current, fully paid up members may enter the competitions.

  2. Chemically produced photographs and Digital Images (inkjet and other print types) are acceptable in all Society organised competitions and Exhibitions.

  3. The copyright of every element, of all pictures entered, must belong to the photographer.

  4. Images created solely in the computer are not acceptable. Images should contain elements of 'light' recorded image.

  5. All entries should be titled and named