Aggregate (monthly) Competition Rules

At EHHPS there are 16 Monthly Aggregate competitions each season, alternating between Print and Projected (often called ‘Projected Digital Images’ or ‘PDI’)

There are three Categories in each of Print and Projected Competitions:

Set Subject – A subject determined by the Internal Competition Secretary.  A list of Set Subjects is published at the AGM for the coming season, and is also noted for each competition in the ‘Events and Meetings’ section of this website.

Portrait:  This covers any image where the main subject is a person or people who are posing or otherwise acting under the general direction and control of the photographer, whether in a studio or location, lit or otherwise.   ‘Street’ Photography and similar observational/candid images of people are not included in this category, and would remain in the ’Open’ category.

Open: This category includes any image (other than those covered by the Portrait category), including ‘Street’ Photography or similar observational/candid images of people where they are not under the direction or control of the photographer.

The decision relating to the appropriate category for ‘People’ pictures is left to the author, based on the guidelines above.  However, should a judge feel that an image has been entered into an inappropriate category they may, at their discretion, mark down the image.


  1. Only current, fully paid up members may enter the competitions.

  2. Digital and chemical prints (inkjet and other print types) are acceptable in all Society organised competitions and Exhibitions.

  3. Projections are digital only.

  4. The copyright of every element, of all pictures entered, must belong to the author.

  5. Images created solely in the computer are not acceptable. Images should contain elements of 'light' recorded image.

  6. Up to 4 images may be entered in a Monthly Aggregate competition - of these a maximum of 3 are allowed in any one section.

  7. An image may be entered in the Monthly Aggregate competitions once in a 'Set Subject' section, plus once in an 'Open' or ‘Portrait’ Section.

  8. An Image may be entered as both a Print and a PDI (Projected Digital Image) in Aggregate competitions, in 'Open' or ‘Portrait’ and 'Set Subject' sections.

  9. The author’s single highest scoring image in each section, from 6 Print or 6 Projected competitions, will be totalled at the end of the Competition year, towards the Aggregate section Trophies. Points are awarded by independent judges.

  10. All entries must be titled, bear the name of the author and clearly indicate the section in which they are entered i.e. OPEN, PORTRAIT  or SET SUBJECT.


  1. It is recommended that prints measure a minimum of 20cm (8") along one side, not including the mount. It is also recommended that mounts do not exceed 40cm x 50 cm (this is mandatory for most external competitions).

  2. Prints must be mounted on a medium suitable for placing on the display boards.

  3. Prints must be delivered to the meeting room By 7.45p.m. on the evening of the meeting. Late entries will not be accepted.


  1. Entries must be submitted, currently  via email  by the given closing date, normally the Sunday before the competition unless otherwise announced.  Entries will not be accepted on the night of the competition.

  2. Up to 4 images may be entered in any each Monthly competition - with a maximum of 3 in any one section..

  3. Image Format: Detailed instructions and advice on image formatting and naming are given in a following section.  However, in summary images should be:

    1400x1050 pixels (width x height), in sRGB colour space.