PDI - (Projected Digital Image competition) rules


Entries are submitted via Email to ehhps11@gmail.com by the Sunday prior to the competition. NOTE: this may be extended a day or two by the Competition Secretary in which case members will be informed on the Thursday before the competition or via email.


The particular requirements of digital projection are that you should prepare your work as follows:

  • Images must be sized exactly for the projector's native resolution - 1400 x 1050 pixels (width / height)

  • If one image dimension is smaller than the native resolution, then the photographer must provide a background canvas to meet the size requirements (read the guide on how to prepare your images for the projected image competition for hints on how to do this).

  • Images should be supplied in JPEG (*.jpg) format, non-interlaced.


It helps if each picture file is named in a standard formula, as follows;

We require the following format:
First letter for class, i.e. 'O' (= Open) or 'S' (= Set)
The title e.g. 'PrettyPicture'
Your name e.g. 'JoeBloggs'
each separated by an underscore _
So a typical file might end up being Saved As: O_PrettyPicture_JoeBloggs.jpg

  • The file name must contain only alphabetical letters and numbers from 0 to 9.

  • Avoid using any 'system' characters. No spaces, punctuation or DOS control characters including:

    • *, ?, !, &, /, \, |, ‘, ', or ., - should not be used.

  • The whole file name must be less than 128 characters long.