AGM 2018: New Committee Elected

The EHHPS AGM took place on June 7.  As is usual the existing committee stood down.  The majority put themselves forward for re-election, with two exceptions:

Paul Mason stood down as President at the end of his three year term.  Phil Dean was elected as the new President.

Karen Helle stood down as Secretary. As no-one put themselves forward there is currently a vacancy for this key position.

The new committee therefore comprises:

President: Philip Dean
Secretary: Vacancy
Treasurer: Dennis Durack
Competition Secretary: Emmanuel Papadopoulos
Portfolio Secretary (External Competitions): Amanda Wright
Programme Secretary: Kristin Mason
Membership Secretary: Dennis Durack
Publicity Secretary: Paul Mason
Exhibitions Secretary: Jane Arnold-Forster
Webmaster: Burgess Taylor

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 [Amended 2019-03-10 to show Dennis Durack as membership Secretary, replacing Philip Dean)