Rosebowl Round 3 Result: A Close Run Thing

The third round of the CACC Rosebowl took place at Stokenchurch on Monday (18 Feb), with EHHPS facing Leighton Buzzard, Stokenchurch and Wycombe. The Judge was Allan Thompson.

(Information and full scoresheets, courtesy of external Competitions Secretary Amanda Wright)

The final scores were very close, with EHHPS coming only one point behind the joint winners:

EHHPS 271 points (3rd)
Leighton Buzzard 272 points (1st =)
Stokenchurch 250 points (4th)
Wycombe 272 points (1st=)

EHHPS high scorers were:

The Fan by Shaun Hodge 20
Power by Paul Mason 20
Red Burst by Kristin Mason 19
Missy Marlene by Karen Helle 19
Portugese Parasols by John Clare 20
Going Gaga by Shaun Hodge 19

Qualification for the Final will not be confirmed until all third round results are in, but it looks most unlikely that EHHPS will make the top 12 - those results will appear here.

Update 2019-03-04: As was likely to be the case, we did not make the next round - full results via the link above.

Full Scoresheets: