North West Fed: First Round Results (Match A2)

External Competition Secretary Amanda Wright has passed on the results of the second match in our group of the NW Fed competition, held at Northolt on 5th December. Competing were Chesham PC, Northolt and District PS and EHHPS.


Chesham PC: Print 84, Projected 86, Total 170

Northolt & District PS: Print 86, Projected 82, Total 168

EHHPS: Print 93, Projected 90, Total 183

EHHPS high scorers were:


Dreamy Pastels Ania Taylor 20*
Alex Shaun Hodge 20*


Sea, Sand and Shadows II John Clare 20*

Power Paul Mason 20*

(EHHPS took all four stars in this match)

The Judge was Alan Colegrave ARPS.